Plant-Based Dishwashing Saop

Solid Round Dish Washing Soap

★  Non-toxic, Zero-waste, Plastic-Free,Eco-freindly ★

● 설거지 전문 비누 ● 

Plastic-free, plant-based dish soap. This solid dish soap is made with coconut oil, castor oil and Sapindus Mukorossi Peel Extract to lather well and cut through grease and food residue.

ㅣ  풍성한 거품  ㅣ  쉽게 물러지지 않는 단단함  ㅣ

-No harmful chemical ingredients :

Do not include MIT, CMIT, DDAC, Mineral Oil, Animal Material, Fluorescence Enhancer, Phosphate, SLS, SLES, Paraben

- Dish soap life span :

To make sure your dish soap lasts as long as possible, it's advisable to make sure they're dried completely after using them by putting them on a soap dish with holes to drain the water or by putting them in a soap drying bag. Both are available in our shop so have a look around to find the perfect soap-drying solution for your soaps.

- Ingredients : 



- Product Weight of : 100g

- Made in Korea