Color Run Protection Sheet 120EA
$10.00 $12.00

About this item Keeps the colours of your textiles vibrant for longer. Prevents colours from tarnishing or transferring from one garment to another. So you can wash white and colors without fear that they will fade. Protects clothes wash after wash. 

I  washing machine anti-dye cloth  I  color absorption  I  dye trapping sheet  I  clothing protection  I

- How to use :
Clothes in the washing machine add a moderate amount of detergent.
Washing color absorption with washing machine.
After washing, you can check various colors and adsorb impurities.
2-4 pieces each time.

- Material : Nonwoven fabric (Viscose fiber)

- Size : 28x11cm (11.02x4.33in)

- Packaging : Paper package / Dust bag

- package included : laundry color absorption 1 box (20 pieces) / 100 pieces

- Made in China