DIY Dry Skin Pad Refile 60pcs

This is dual type pad that each side's surface is different, which helps to minimize skin stimulation.

  • Both side rounded embossing.
  • Removing dead skin cells and acne.

[Dual pad]
This is made of daily uses materials that one side is embossing pure sheet and the other side is soft pure sheet.

Front - Embossing
Embossing side cleans the nose and lips, more effectively.

Back - Smooth
Wipe the skin lightly with a soft side.

[Comfortable cover type]
With round shape that makes minimize shin stimulation, customers can manage their skin easily.

- How To Use :    

STEP1 : Pour the cleansing water or toner into the center of the DIY Soft pads.

STEP2 : Once pads are wet enough, take out each sheet and use it.

STEP3 : Use the front and back side to wipe according to your skin condition.

- Texture : Polypropylene, Viscose rayon

- Size : 60mm(Diameter)

- Package included : 1 pack (30 pieces) x 2

- Made in Korea