Cotton Dust Bag
$3.51 $4.05

Handmade cotton dust bag with drawstring.

Drawstring works well and pulls easily. Save luggage space and makes packing simple and easy when traveling. Can be painted, stenciled and stamped.

  • Nonfluorescent 100% cotton
  • Easy-to-Pull Double Drawstring
  • Sturdy and Reusable
  • For storing herbs, spices, cosmetics, products, gifts, accessory, small office supplies, etc

[ Eco-friendly ]

Save the planet by not choosing paper or plastic bags.

[ Durability ]

The stitches are strong againt tearing. No matter the weight of the stored item, It will not tear or break easily. Making it very portable. Can be washed, reused, ironed.

[ How to clean  ]

It is recommended to wash it in cold water by hand and air dry. Flash drying and machine wash shall be prohibited.

- Materials : Cotton

- Color : White

- Size : 25x30cm

- Made in Korea / Handmade