Clean Water Kitchen Hand Type

Sediment filter is a filter in multi-layer dense structure, made with 100% Polypropylene, using MELT BLOWN method. Filters will filter out sand, rust, impurities offering a healthier water for you

  • Tiny holes on head
  • Water saving effect
  • Three spray modes : Stream, Spray, Mix
  • Water pressure increasing effect
  • Remove rust and harmful materials
  • Easy to install&refill

Check the usage cycle at a glance :

Sediment filter 1ea 3-6 months usage per piece

Sediment filter replacement method : 

1.Detach the head.

2.Remove the discolored filter.

3.Install the new filter with the plastic cap, assemble, and then use.


- Recommended usage temperature : 0˚C~60˚C 

- Material  : PC, PP, ABS, Stainless Steel, Silicone

- Package included : Head 1ea, Filter 2ea

- Size : Head 64mm x Length 172mm

- Head : Made in China / Filter : Made in Korea